Portfolio Management

One of the Michael Ulrich Hartmann independent financial advisers will help construct a client’s bespoke investment portfolio, after having decided upon the appropriate tax wrappers based on the individual circumstances of the client.

From the outset, the adviser will dedicate himself to each client’s portfolio, ensuring that expert advice is received in order to meet their investment objectives.

The Michael Ulrich Hartmann adviser will ensure that the portfolio suits a client’s attitude to investment risk, then monitor and review investments regularly to make sure that they are on track to meet objectives. Regardless of each client’s investment objective or the tax wrappers(s) involved, the adviser will apply the following process aimed at achieving investment success:

  • Agree timescales and objectives
  • Agree risk profile and set benchmarks
  • Spread investments over asset classes
  • Select appropriate Funds and Managers through vigorous research and analysis
  • Review the investment portfolio on a regular basis
  • Ensure the portfolio is tax-efficient

Additionally, we will keep each client fully appraised of situations relating to their investment portfolio such as: Fund Manager changes, dividend payments etc.

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